AP103 Human-centric design for decentralized identity is launching!

Some issues are technical, but how we use identity is the experience.

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By Pete Vielhaber

We are excited to announce the launch of AP103: Human-Centric Design for Decentralized Identity on Wednesday, June 21, 2023.


The entire course has changed quite a bit, and we now have a prerequisite of completing our AP101: Foundations of Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) course. It is self-paced with support. Enroll here, or access via a vNFT purchase through Book.io that supports student scholarships in Africa. This requirement is to ensure anyone moving on to the development course (AP102) or the AP103: Human-Centric Design for Decentralized Identity, has the same foundational knowledge of SSI and decentralized identity.

How to register

Before receiving your course completion credential in AP101, we ask you to take a survey for feedback and to register interest for AP102 or AP103. Filling out this form in AP101 is the only way to register.


The course focuses on providing frameworks and the meaning of design relating to decentralized identity and emerging tech rather than pure UX. It's focused on design methodologies and problem-solving principles to build more user-friendly solutions. We aim to lower the bar to SSI and emerging tech by providing a foundation for designers to build upon.

Consider a scenario where a verifiable credential (VC) replaces a transit card/pass. If the experience of swiping your pass across a reader is not the same or more efficient, you could add time to each interaction. Let's say we changed the experience but added one second to each interaction. A second seems insignificant, but for the 60th person in line, that's a full minute, and now they may miss the train. That's a massive impact on the individual and all mass transit users.

We hope to see you in the Atala PRISM Pioneer Program!

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