PRISM Pioneer Program Launch

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By Pete Vielhaber

The Atala Tribe is excited to announce that we will re-launch the PRISM Pioneer Program on April 5th, 2023. The PRISM Pioneer Program is a training course for training the fundamentals of self-sovereign identity (SSI), how to build with PRISM, and UI/UX design for SSI. Over the past year, we have run several cohorts and tests that have given us some direction on improving the program.

This kick-off coincides with the launch of PRISM V2, a W3C-compliant, including DID Comm V2, which is a significant update that introduces a distributed architecture with a turn-key PRISM Agent, wallet SDKs for multiple platforms, and compliance with the latest W3C/Aries standards, offering a scalable and robust platform that supports DID methods, JWT-VCs, DIDComm v2, and enhanced documentation for seamless integration and secure, private communication in decentralized systems.


The change of format breaks the program down into three courses:

  • AP101: Foundations of Decentralized Identity
  • AP102: Building with Atala PRISM
  • AP103: Human-centric Design for Decentralized Identity

The goal is to funnel people into the appropriate path for what they are seeking to achieve. This format will allow learners to choose their way but receive foundational knowledge regardless of their pathing.


This is a foundational course which puts together a completely non-technical approach to explaining how identity works today, the various models, SSI concepts, and their application. For those who are curious about SSI or need clarification about how digital identity works, this course is for you. In addition, this is a prerequisite for anyone seeking to take AP102 and AP103. We know this may be controversial for some. However, the Atala team believes developers and UI/UX designers must have common knowledge of how everything works if they are to solve problems specific to identity.

The course includes the Atala PRISM: Foundations of Decentralized Identity book, video content, and quizzes.


This course is for developers to learn how to build with Atala PRISM. In addition, business developers and analysts with technical knowledge may find it beneficial if they intend to offer their customers PRISM as a solution. This course will take a real-world use case, dissect it piece by piece, and learn how to build a working ecosystem from the ground up.

This course includes:

  • PRISM V2 Access
  • Weekly Workshops
  • Code Walkthroughs
  • Fireside Chats
  • Examination of a working Trust Framework and Trust Registry
  • Crossover Workshop with UI/UX Designers


UI/UX designers - we need you! One of the most challenging things in the blockchain space is that often UI/UX needs to catch up because of prioritizing engineering. Identity needs a solid engineering product, but UI/UX is a priority. What sets identity apart is that we use identity hundreds or thousands of times a day, using different interactions - which is why UI/UX is critical to adopting SSI technology. Identity needs to be easy to use and integrated seamlessly into daily life. Thinking QR codes is the way forward? What about Bluetooth, NFC, smart cards, etc. there are alternatives to simply using QR codes. UI/UXers will be a massive part of developing identity ecosystems and applications; only some are paying attention to this growing demand.

This course includes:

  • Study of the application of common design principles to SSI
  • Crossover Workshop with Developers

Where to go

Go here and apply.


All courses will run in fixed-time cohorts. The timing of those will be disclosed when available here on this site.

  • AP101 will have a more frequent schedule because it is a short course.
  • AP102 is the longest course and will be limited to those with use cases and technical backgrounds.
  • AP103 is a mid-length course and is open for UI/UX designers.


The Atala PRISM team is thrilled for this launch, and we are eager to invite the growing list of enthusiastic learners to access the PRISM Pioneer Program. Stay tuned here for news and information about Atala PRISM.

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